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Re: Sad Songs Make Me Cry (Was Parasaurolophus Greastest Hits)

At 07:35 PM 12/17/97 +0000, you wrote:
>People have been making replicas of Parasaurolophus crests and
>trumpeting into them for a couple of years now. But has anyone stopped
>to think that we're still missing the soft tissues which made the
>sounds? Garbage in Garbage out.
>Imagine if you found a fossilized trumpet without the mouthpiece. You
>could never reproduce a Dizzy Gillespie solo. The same is true of a
>Parasaurolophus crest. All we have is the approximate shape of the bony
>tissues which form a resonant chamber. But that's not enough!
>Take a look at an Austrailian diggery-doo sometime. It just looks like a
>long tube. But what you do with your lips, cheeks, tongue, lungs, and
>nose create an incredible array of different sounds and rhythms. I'm
>sorry to say that we have no more reproduced the music of a hadrosaur
>than we could reproduce the infrasonic rumblings of an elephant by
>holding it's dead skull up to our lips.
>William Monteleone
> Very well stated, I agree completely. I'm from Minnesota and I don't know
if you have ever heard a loon's repretoire, but it's far beyond what meager
evidence one could imagine from the anatomy involved.
  And speaking about folded air chambers and air sacs; in this respect the
late great Diz was truly dinosaurian!
 Dan Varner