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Re: Sad Songs Make Me Cry (Was Parasaurolophus Greastest Hits)

>People have been making replicas of Parasaurolophus crests and
>trumpeting into them for a couple of years now. But has anyone stopped
>to think that we're still missing the soft tissues which made the
>sounds? Garbage in Garbage out.
>Imagine if you found a fossilized trumpet without the mouthpiece. You
>could never reproduce a Dizzy Gillespie solo. The same is true of a
>Parasaurolophus crest. All we have is the approximate shape of the bony
>tissues which form a resonant chamber. But that's not enough!
>Take a look at an Austrailian diggery-doo sometime. It just looks like a
>long tube. But what you do with your lips, cheeks, tongue, lungs, and
>nose create an incredible array of different sounds and rhythms. I'm
>sorry to say that we have no more reproduced the music of a hadrosaur
>than we could reproduce the infrasonic rumblings of an elephant by
>holding it's dead skull up to our lips.
>William Monteleone

Has the sinus tract  of the new Parasaurolophus crest been mapped out
completely?  I can't find it any where. I am not really interested in the
hypothetical sound (well a little bit), but that's all I have heard about.

What about the lungs, they would be the driving force?  The first
experiments were humans blowing into dinosaur sized tubes, highly
insufficient if you take into consideration lung sizes of the two; did the
computer recreation take into consideration Parasaurolophus lung size, some
300 times a humans?  Is there any internal structures in sinus that could
have supported cartilage? I have thought that there could have been  some
sort of valve structure at the tube separation-point just before the skull
exit point (toward the lungs).

I haven't seen the film clip as there is no plug in for my computer so I
can't reed it, I have a Mac. Can any one help me get more info on this new


P.S. if you could lift an elephants dead skull up to your lips you would
probably be strong enough to make a good attempt at infrasonic rumblings.