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Re: Dryptosaurus, Deltadromeus, and Bahariasaurus

>>Well, the HAVE found new Spinosaurus material, including a skull.  However,
>>the published material concerns Baryonyx and the Brazilian forms.
>New Spinosaurus material--good news!  But when did this happen?  How much
>of it do they know they have now?

They've been found over the last few years.  Russell published on some of
the new material recently.  The best stuff is being examined by Angela Milner.

>Brazilian forms--hmm.  Didn't know there
>were any of those.  What are they exactly?

Irritator and Angaturama.  See:

Martill, D.M., Cruickshank, A.R.I., Frey, E., Small, P.G. & Clarke, M.
1996.  A new crested maniraptoran dinosaur from the Santana Formation (Lower
Cretaceous) of Brazil.  Journal of the Geological Society of London 153: 5-8.

Kellner, A.W.A.  1996.  Remarks on Brazilian dinosaurs.  Memoirs of the
Queensland Museum39: 611-626.

Kellner, A.W.A. & Campos, D.A.  1996.  First Early Cretaceous theropod
dinosaur from Brazil, with comments on the Spinosauridae.  Neues Jahrbuch
fur Geologie und Palaeontologie, Abhandlungen 199(2): 151-166.

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