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VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? I think that Earth once had two moons, both approximatly
10-15 miles in diameter. One was being dragged to Earth by gravity. When it
hit, the dust blocked the sunlight and bang! chain reaction!  The dust was
Eventually pulled into orbit and impacted into the remaining moon, along with
Earth parts from th crater floating into the moon, creating our moon.  I
haven't filled in all itty bitty details, but i guess you know what i mean?
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At 11:58 PM 12/12/97 PST, Jaime Headden wrote:
>like diplodocids than they do the one skull belonging to 
>*Antarctosaurus*. The skull of *Argentinosaurus*, ...

Oops, forgot about those.
>o = ancestrous cetiosaur
>*Euhelopus* and kin
>|               | |
>Macronaria      | *Mamenchisaurus*
>|               |               |
>Camarasaurids   Titanosaurids   Diplodocids
>&               &               &
>Brachiosaurids  Saltasaurines   Dicraeosaurids
>If this clade is acurate, or close to the truth, than titanosaurs are 
>basal diplodocids stemming from advanced "euhelopodids",

This cladogram has one problem: Euhelopus and Mamenchisaurus have 17
cervicals, and the others all have 10-12 cervicals.  Combined with other
factors, I think this makes a *clade* containing both _Euhelopus_ and
_Mamenchisaurus_ at least a decent possibility.

It certainly makes _Euhelopus_ and unlikely ancestor for the
camarasaurid/brachiosaurid clade, and _Memenchisaurus_ and unlikely
ancestor for the diplodocid clade.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com

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