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Re: "Megaraptor" a dromaeosaur?

At 02:12 PM 12/17/97 -0500, Mike Keesey wrote:
>A visitor to my site just forwarded me an article saying that Novas
>thought "Megaraptor" evolved convergently with dromaeosaurs. Is this true?
>If so, what does he think "Megaraptor" is? A huge troodontid? What?

Novas has not committed on the subject.  The foot is more gracile than any
typical dromaeosaurid, but it is not arctometatarsalian.

>Speaking of South American sickle-claws, what happened to
>"Araucanoraptor"? Dromaeosaur? Troodontid? Something else?

Still.  In.  Prep.  (Geez, folks, patience!).

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