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Dinosaurs as a cause of Dinosaur extinction

The greatest cause for Dinosaur (non-avian) and some (avian) extinction is
the Dinosaurs themselves.  Dinosaurs ate a large range of animal and plant
species, however, it is possible that dinosaurs also applied a greater
amount of pressure on dinosaur species.  I to have seen nature shows
showing show hatchlings being gobbled up as fast as they are hatched.  The
greatest treat (yes...even on isolated islands are...the "Birds!!")
During the late cretaceous the birds (avian dinosaurs) were very diverse
and they do have what it takes to eat hatchlings or with a little help
from some friends could take down larger prey.  I'm assuming that most of
the early fliers were day-time hunters....while most of the
non-dinosaurian prey (frogs & mammals) were nocturnal.  So apart from
insects, fish, and other invertebrates, Dinosaurs (all types) are the
dinosaurs (avian) most likely choice of prey....and of course the younger
the better!!!!!

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)