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Ceratopsians: sprawling or straight?

Sorry to pick at something that never heals, but is there any consensus 
at all on ceratopsian gait?  I've been reading so many differing 
theories (in, for instance, Evolution & Extinction, in the Dino-rags and 
here too) that my head has popped off several times. 
Which resin kits should I melt down?  

I know Greg Paul says they couldn't have sprawled because trackways 
prove otherwise.  Good point.  But hasn't it been determined that it 
would've been physically impossible for ceratopsians (or ceratopians, if 
you're so inclined) to fit their legs under their torsos in a rhino-like 
manner?  How much of this is a Bakkeristic "they were like rhinos 
because they are cooler that way?"

Hey, just asking.


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