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Re: Ceratopsians: sprawling or straight?

>I know Greg Paul says they couldn't have sprawled because trackways 
>prove otherwise.  Good point.  But hasn't it been determined that it 
>would've been physically impossible for ceratopsians (or ceratopians, 
>you're so inclined) to fit their legs under their torsos in a 
>manner?  How much of this is a Bakkeristic "they were like rhinos 
>because they are cooler that way?"
>Hey, just asking.

Steven Czerkas claims (and has illustrated in Dinosaurs: a global view) 
that it was some kind of "high sprawl."  He also claims that articulated 
skeletons will bear this out.  The illustration shows a ceratopsian that 
is massively pigeon-toed-- his feet turn almost directly inward.  This 
doesn't seem to jive with any trackways I know of (not that I know lot).

Joshua Dyal

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