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Re: (fwd) Mammals as a cause of Dinosaur extinction

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, King, Norm wrote:
> We also "summarily" dismiss creationistic explanations for life history.  
> But each new generation comes along and wants to know why we have 
> "summarily" done so, and suggest we ought to give it more consideration.  
> Of course, this outcome has, in fact, followed more than a century of 
> discussion, and nothing new has been brought up to justify reopening the 
> debate.  Careers are short, and it's time to move on to something new.

Careers will be even shorter if scientists summarily dismiss honest
questions fueled by new research.  Again, it is not written that mammals
or birds did not affect speciatio of non-avian dinosaurs.  No matter how
much you would like to dismiss it.
New evidence suggest mammals were more diverse than previously believed at
the K/T.  Shouldn't this even cause a ripple of a question in a scientist
mind?  Is there something about mammals and birds around the K/T which a
priori eliminates them from consideration?
Can anyone here pretend to know what feats mammals and birds of the K/T
could or could not do?  If not, then don't be so dismissive!