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Palaios articles

Just got Palaios Vol. 12 #6,  December, 1997.

There is one Dinosaur article:
A Dinosaur Tracksite in an Early Liassic Tidal Flat in Northern Italy:
Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction from Sedimentology and Geochemistry,
By Marco Avanzini, Silva Frisia, Koenraad Van Den Driessche, and Eddy

There is also a K/T boundary article By C. Wylie Poag entitled: 
Roadblocks on the Kill Curve:  Testing the Raup Hypothesis.

And finally a real eye-opener of an editorial by John Holbrook:
Carrer Potential in the Sciences, Geology in the High Schools, and Why
Would Anyone Major in Geology Anyway?

Details can be found at the SEPM website:

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