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Re: (fwd) Re: Mammals as a cause of Dinosaur extinction

>1. The first placental (I repeat placental, placental, placental)
>are from 85-90 mya.

Unless you count Tom Rich's recent find from southern Australia at 110
million years. There is some debate on this specimen though, Archer
claiming it is a monotreme.

The rest of this post seems to be an over-optomistic reading of the fossil

>5. It is accepted that Molluscs caused the decline in Brachiopods.
>"evidence" would demonstrate this? How can this belief be tested?

Well the two groups have lived together since year dot (CA 550 million years).

>6. Lots of species and genera have been forced into extinction from
>competition with other lifeforms.This is the case for
>Multituberculates, Trilobites, Creodonts to name a few.

Who told you this fib?

>The Dinosaurs, however, would have "reigned" until now had it not been for a
>fortuitous meteor. They were oddly immune from competition.

Was it the same person who told you these fibs?

>7. Small animals _can_ kill large ones. Watch enough nature flicks and
>you'll come across the episodes where a pack of Hyenas is in the process of
>killing an infant Rhinoceros.

I've seen cases of viruses killing whales. How does this bear on on your thesis?



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
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