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Araripe spinosaurids

There are two spinosaurids known fromt the Santana Formation along the
foothills of the Chapada do Araripe, Ceará State, northeastern Brazil.
Both described in 1996. IRRITATOR challengeri by Martill, Cruickshank,
Frey, Small & Clarcke and ANGATURAMA limai by Kellner & Campos( i supose
the Brazilian paleontologist Alexander Wilhelm Armin Kellner,  which
reported on the hind limb of a theropod dinosaur (in the first issue of
Nature for 1996). Partly to due the fact that its still a riddle how I.
challengeri turned up in the collection of the Staatliches Museum für
Naturkunde in Stuttgart, Germany and is plaster history i wondered if
someone could confirm that both named dinosaurs aren't the same

Thanks in advance

Fred Bervoets