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Re: Spinosaurus


I don't think this piece of skull pertains to Spinosaurus. I suppose it is
Irritator's skull. Spinosaurus is only from Egypt and Morocco. Irritator
comes from Brazil and could be a spinosaurid, but maybe it pertains to a
new family, irritatroridae.

See Martill, D.M., A.R.I. Cruickshank, E. Frey, P.G. Small and M. Clarke,
1996, A new crested maniraptoran from the Santana Formation (Lower
Cretaceous) of Brazil: Journal of the Geological Siciety, Lonfon, 153, pp.
5-8 for more information.

You can also see all the spinosaurids entries in Donald Glut's new dinosaur

And here are two references about Spinosaurus itself:

Buffetaut, Eric, 1989, New remains of the enigmatic theropod Spinosaurus
from the Cretaceous of Morocco and the affinities between Spinosaurus and
Baryonyx: Neus Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Manatshefte, 1989,
2, pp. 79-87

Russell, Dale A., 1995a, Isolated dinosaur bones from the middle Cretaceous
of the Tafilalt, Morocco: Jouranl of Vertebrate Paleontology, Abstracts of
Papers, Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting, p. 51A

Hope this helps.

Felix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr

> Hi. According to my Dinosaur Discovery CD-ROM, a piece of skull bone
> to a Spinosaurus was found on a shelf in German meuseum. That's all it
> He's one of my favorite dinos since childhood.
> Have a nice day.