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The Age of Reptiles

Hi. I have The Age of Reptiles poster on my wall, you know, the mural by
Rudolph Zallinger in the Peabody Museum of Natural History? After carefully
looking at it, I'd like to share how it shows our progress in understanding

Let's start with the Cretaceous:
 Triceratops: 1) Hind legs are erect, but the front legs look sprawled. 2) It
looks too elephantine and 3) looks like it's too close to the ground.
 Tyrannosaurus: 4) Too fat and elephantine, 5) vertical posture with 6)
smaller-than-life arms. 7) The maxilla lacks the scalpel-like profile.
  Ankylosaurus: 8) Hind legs erect, front legs sprawled. 9) Tail dragging!
  Anantosaurus: 10) Webbed hands.
  Brontosaurus: 11) Tail dragging, 12) swamp-bound. At least the head looks
fairly diplodicid, and the background bronto's neck is horizontal.
  Stegosaurus: 13) Hind legs erect, front legs sprawled. 14) Too many plates?
  Allosaurus (my favorite): 15) The arms are attached to his NECK !  16)
Ankles are too low.

Am I being too kind or too harsh?

Thank you.
Have a nice day.