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At 11:33 PM 11/24/97 -0500, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
>The following errors, omissions and other mistakes are present in 
>Ruben et al Science 278:1193-1368. 

Actually, I find the article on post-cranial pneumaticity in dinosaurs in
the Currie & Padian _Encyclopedia_ to effectively falsify everything Ruben
et alii say.  That article alone is worth one third the price of the book
(it an expensive book).
>... Theropods did not fly, and
>their aerobic capacity was probably more similar to ground birds 
>like the kiwi, which Ruben et al ignore. In the kiwi there are no 
>extensive abdominal air-sacs, and the sternum is very short.

This is very interesting, and fits in well with the pneumaticity article.
The earliest evidence for pneumaticity in basal theropods is in the
anterior dorsals and posterior cervicals - that is it indicates *thoracic*
air-sacs.  Evidence for abdominal air-sacs is not found except in highly
derived ceolurosaurian lineages (birds, oviraptosaurs and so on).

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