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Re: dinosaur anatomy

Hi, thanks for answering. I got the Science 11/15/96 magazine from the
library, thanks for the lead. I like Feduccia articles. By the way, I got a
letter from Terry D. Jones of the Oregon State University Dept. of Zoology who
confirmed that Archaeopteryx was not tested for RTs. So the Discover mag.
article didn't include Archaeopteryx. 
  Basically, in my last e-mail I was just giving Ruben the benefit of the
doubt. I'm really not certain about the metabolisms of Archaeopteryx and other
birds in question. But Dinosaurs do seem to muddy the metabolic waters. They
seem to have traits of both endothermy and ectothermy. Plus, if they were
endotherms, how would they live without RTs?
   Thanks for the quotes from The Complete Dinosaur too.
   Check out Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs by Novacek on p.253: Cretaceous
bird bones with arrested growth marks.

   Have a nice day.