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Re: Sad Songs Make Me Cry (Was Parasaurolophus Greastest Hits)

The other week the Today show had a 2-minute special on the Parasaurolophus
sound. After Katie butchered the name and said "whatever" about its true
pronounciation, a paleontologist showed a model of Para's head and played 2
tunes: the one that is heard on Sandia's website, the trumpeting sound that
the paleontologist said was formed if the parasaurs had vocal cords. The last
sound conformed to the theory that it had no vocal cords (which I think is
more realistic), it was more of a grumbling sound. Overall, the special was
real disapointing. I was hoping the website would have both versions, but it
only had the trumpeting vocal cords version.
  If I misunderstood anything, let me know.

Thank you.
www.nmmnh-abq.mus.nm.us/nmmnh/soundsandimages.html <-- I like this one better!