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New Dinosaur Message Board at Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette

DIG is more or less pleased to announce our new Message Board.

It is available on our Frontpage at:

As you may or may not know (and may care even less),
DIG has a large audience of folks from the general public who are
interested in dinosaurs: I suppose that there are some heavy science
types that slum there, but no one has admitted it to us yet!

At any rate, you professional types are welcome to use the bulletin
board for:

1) announcements of paleo events
2) announcements of discoveries
3) posting really kewl new things that you think that K-12 readers (or
even older) would like to hear about.
4) job offers
5) expedition announcements
6) answering questions...

Now let me yak about that last one for a moment. We know y'all are busy
digging and teaching your classes, but we have, in fact, gotten some
legit questions from readers that were well stated and articulate, and a
few folks (with apparent savvy) have been kind enough to post
enlightening answers. If you have a minute and feel like throwing your
two cents worth in, please do, but (obviously) don't feel obligated in
any way, you know?

We don't want this to turn toward the rather detailed (but intriguing)
and often arcane and/or deep discussions that go on in the mailing
lists, but rather to stay with topics that might be enlightening to
people with a general interest.

In case you were unaware of it, we draw readers from over 47 countries,
and so far they're all pretty well behaved <grin>

Our purpose is to enlighten and inspire and to promote good science and
international cooperation in all of those goals. If, aside from
announcing your own events, you'd like to spare a moment toward
promoting those goals, feel free.

Happy Holidays to all!

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