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Re: Ceratopsians: sprawling or straight?

GSPaul wrote:

>For example, the St Paul skeleton has the hands separated by three hand widths,
>twice what the trackways record. As for the hindfeet, in the trackway they
>nearly touch on the midline, in the St Paul mount the feet are widely

>What is unfortunate is that none of those responsible for these
>skeletons is making the effort to actually remount them to fit the trackways.

In fact the triceratops skeleton in St. Paul will be moved to and remounted
in the new museum building late in 1999.  The best evidence will be used to
configure the mount (my understanding is that there is still quite a bit of
debate regarding the interpretation of the trackways, so I do not know how
that specific evidence will be used in the new mount).

Nils Halker
Science Museum of Minnesota