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Re: Sad Songs Make Me Cry (Was Parasaurolophus Greastest

>After Katie butchered the name and said "whatever" about its true
>pronounciation, a paleontologist showed a model of Para's head and played 2
>tunes: the one that is heard on Sandia's website, the trumpeting sound that
>the paleontologist said was formed if the parasaurs had vocal cords. The last
>sound conformed to the theory that it had no vocal cords (which I think is
>more realistic), it was more of a grumbling sound. Overall, the special was
>real disapointing. I was hoping the website would have both versions, but it
>only had the trumpeting vocal cords version.
>  If I misunderstood anything, let me know.
>Thank you.
>www.nmmnh-abq.mus.nm.us/nmmnh/soundsandimages.html <-- I like this one better!

When I first checked, the .wav files from the CNN story at


had a voice stating which sounds came from a vocal corded and cordless
Parasaurolophus. The "cordless" sounds didn't produce much sound out of the
built-in speakers on the computers here, one could barely make out a low
grumble. Last I checked, this almost-audible sound was at the NMMNH site, but
without an announcer, it was difficult to tell.