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New refs

Here are a few that may be of interest to some:

Sereno, P.C. 1997. Ancient aviary, featherweight phylogeny. Evolution
51(5): 1689-1690.
        Another review of the Feduccia tome.

In the new J.Vert.Paleo. 17(4):
Sues, H-D. 1997. On _Chirostenotes_, a Late Cretaceous oviraptorosaur
(Dinosauria: Theropoda) from western North America. JVP 17(4): 698-716.
        Finally! Some clarity w.r.t. the
oviraptorid-caenagnathid-elmisaurid mess. Sues's presents a different
picture of coelurosaur phylogeny than others. I promise won't say anything
about therizinosauroids.

Makovicky, P.J. 1997. A new small theropod from the Morrison Formation of
Como Bluff, Wyoming. JVP 17(4):755-757.
        The Quarry 9 theropod gets its due description.

And some not-so-dinosaurian papers that might interest some folks:

Brochu, C.A. 1997. A review of "Leidyosuchus" (Crocodyliformes, Eusuchia)
from the Cretaceous through Eocene of North America. JVP 17(4): 679-697.
        Wow! That's a huge cladogram in there! (Two, actually!)  :)

Carrano, M.T. 1997. Morphological indicators of foot posture in mammals: a
statistical and biomechanical analysis. Zool.J.Linn.Soc. 121(1): 77-104.
        A closer look at the unguligrady-plantigrady continuum.

Gatesy, S.M. 1997. An electromyographic analysis of hindlimb function in
_Alligator_ during terrestrial locomotion. J.Morph. 234:197-212.
        A closer look at alligator hindlimb muscle function.

Farley, C.T. and Ko, T.C. 1997. Mechanics of locomotion in lizards.
J.Exptl. Biol. 200:2177-2188.
        _Finally_ someone publishes a quantitative paper on the mechanics
of lizard locomotion rather than rehashing Snyder's classic 1940s-1960s
functional anatomical work.

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