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Dino Band on New Years Day

Countrywide Home Loans? 55-foot long, 30-foot high float for the Tournament of
Roses Parade on New Year's Day is called Rock Concert ?depicting a prehistoric
rock concert complete with an animated dinosaur band, The Dynamics, jamming to
classic and modern rock and roll tunes.  With Tyrannosaurus rex lead singer,
Elvis, a Stegosaurus on keyboards, Protoceratops backup singers and long-
tailed saurian groupies, the float is sure to inspire toe-tapping and ?dancin'
in the streets.? ?  
(Excerpted from 12/23/97 13:29 EST http://www.prnewswire.com)

That is where Elvis went!

Saurians may want to protest the supposition that just because they are long-

Do Protoceratops singers also play horns?