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Re: archaeopteryx

yes that is what i was referring to, the arthur c. clarke thing on 
discovery.  and everyone on the list has put my fears to rest, the 
archaeopteryx is not a hoax, but the real thing.  it just kind of threw 
me off, i guess i was thinking this was some kind of new thing, but it 
doesn't appear that way.  I want to thank everyone on the list for 
answering my question, and giving me other sources.



>> I am stepping out from my lurking post because of something I saw on
>> tv.  It would appear that there are a group of people who feel that
>> archaeopteryx (forgive me if my spelling is off) is just an
>> elaborate hoax.
>If you're talking about the Arthur C. Clarke thing that aired on the
>Discovery channel this weekend, I saw part of it and then changed the
>channel in disgust.  I was quite disappointed that Mr. Clarke was
>apparently so taken in by that moron in Canada (I've mercifully
>forgotten his name).  So to be really blunt (as if I haven't been
>already :-), if you're referring to either that or Hoyle and
>Wickramasinghe (maybe they were mentioned later on in the same show?)
>then I think you have nothing to fear.  On the issue of
>_Archaeopteryx_ these people don't know what they're talking about.
>> I'm just wondering what y'all have to say about that.
>That's about all I want to say at the moment :-)
>Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

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