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Re: archaeopteryx

Garrison Hilliard wrote:
> On 22 Dec 97 00:06:00 EST, you wrote:
> >I am stepping out from my lurking post because of something I saw on tv.
> >It would appear that there are a group of people who feel that
> >archaeopteryx (forgive me if my spelling is off) is just an elaborate
> >hoax.  I'm just wondering what y'all have to say about that.
> >
> >Jason
> That claim was made on Arthur C. Clarke's program this past weekend,
> and it astonished me that somebody as clever as Clarke could even lend
> any credence whatsoever to such a bunco theory.

Was this something new or the same old crap that Fred Hoyle spouted
about 20 years ago and cretinists have been parroting ever since?

If it's the SOC, check out:


It is an excellent summation of the evidence for a forgery and the
reasons why the 'forgery" hypothesis doesn't hold up.

Stephen Carville
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