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Happy Holidays! (was Re: New refs)

At 12:41 PM 12/23/97 -0800, John Hutchinson wrote:

>In the new J.Vert.Paleo. 17(4):
>Sues, H-D. 1997. On _Chirostenotes_, a Late Cretaceous oviraptorosaur
>(Dinosauria: Theropoda) from western North America. JVP 17(4): 698-716.
>       Finally! Some clarity w.r.t. the
>oviraptorid-caenagnathid-elmisaurid mess. Sues's presents a different
>picture of coelurosaur phylogeny than others. I promise won't say anything
>about therizinosauroids.

Darn!  Just in time for me NOT to be able to see it over the holidays
(unless it shows up in the mailroom in the next hour).  Ah, well.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everybody!!  I'll be off in a bit (I know, I know,
I've been a bit "off" for sometime time now... :-)

Also, since a lot of people will be getting computers and/or net access for
Christmas, we will probably be getting a January burst of new list members.
Unlike previous years (sorry!) I'll try and go easy on them as they ask some
really basic questions.  Let's all try and do the same.

Take care, and talk to you later!

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