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Re: Dinofest98: Where, when, why, fees, etc.

Now, vis a vis the DATES of the event.
Does it, indeed, run an entire month?

Does the $15.00 admission admit you for an entire month?
If not, then for how long?

Is there a 30 day membership?

What does that admit you to?

Thanks for the information.

stevo@dgs.net wrote:


> Date of event:
> March 27 - April 26, 1998
> Location:
> Philadelphia Civic Center
> 34th and Civic Center Boulevard
> University City Section of Philadelphia
> Admission prices: *does NOT include symposium admission:
> $15 Adults
> $10 children 12 and under
> Free for children 2 and under
> *$3 discount for seniors available at box office only
> **More information on the price of the
> symposium will soon be available.
> Schools and Group Sales (?ONLY?):
> Call toll-free 1-888-229-1393
> That's all I know.
>                <pb>

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