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Spinosaur teeth

>>I've seen some teeth reffered to Spinosaurus sp. in a paleontological
museum. The teeth were discovered in Morroco, and they were displayed with
a Carcharodontosaurus Sp. tooth and other dinosaur fragmentary remains. I
am not sure this assessment of the teeth was good, because they were curved
(they are always straight in drawings). Maybe they were not from the same
part of the jaw than those illustrated?<<

Yes, those are in fact Carcharodontosaurus teeth. 

>>And spinosaurid teeth are very diagnostic, aren't they? 
Does anyone have any more information about Spinosaurus (and other
spinosaurids) and Macrodontophion's teeth?<<

Those teeth are kind of a problem. Years ago, I brought some of those teeth to 
the SVP (I also questioned them) and asked Phil Currie, Alex Kellner and a few 
others, and they all confirmed the teeth I brought was Spinosaurid.

But, there are other teeth that are sold as Spinosaurid teeth that are NOT 
Spinosaurid teeth. The short blunt ones are crocodilian, the sharp thin ones 
are Ichthyodectid fish (Xiphantinus like, I also brought that kind to the last 
SVP) and the sharp really thin ones are pterosaurian.

Kellner et all wrote a short paper on some teeth this year in the Journal of 
Paleontology, but other than that I don't know if anyone else has.


Thanks in advance.

Felix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr