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latest Discover magazine articles

Discover's year-end review of the top 100 science stories is currently
out, and has a nice review of Confuciornis and Sinoseroptyrx, with some
additonal photos of other fauna from the same site (lizard and

The photo of the Confuciornis specimen is one I haven't seen before,
with the bird squashed in either a chest-up-and splayed or
back-up-and-splayed position.  The wing feathers are preserved as yellow

stains along both sides of the body.  I can't tell enough from the photo

which direction this bird is in, does anyone have more info or insight?

Also included is a round-up of Sue info with some comments by Ken
Carpenter on his early bone casts (pre FBI) and gout possibilities, plus
the gouty
dinosaur story re-reviewed.

And also some really rad fishes from the Amazon.