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RE: Dinofest98: Where, when, why, fees, etc.

Suggest you check the website, http://www.dinofest.org/ -- my sole contribution 
to the dinofest info you found on the list was that they are looking for 
volunteers. Although from my volunteer packet, it does appear DINOFEST will run 
the entire month of April, or almost all the way through.  Good luck on finding 
the info you are looking for.  
Also, since I'm posting, Keith Rigby is scheduled for a lecture Feb. 9 at NMNH 
for those of you who are in the Washington DC area.  -- Steve

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Now, vis a vis the DATES of the event.
Does it, indeed, run an entire month?

Does the $15.00 admission admit you for an entire month?
If not, then for how long?

Is there a 30 day membership?

What does that admit you to?

Thanks for the information.

stevo@dgs.net wrote:


> Date of event:
> March 27 - April 26, 1998
> Location:
> Philadelphia Civic Center
> 34th and Civic Center Boulevard
> University City Section of Philadelphia
> Admission prices: *does NOT include symposium admission:
> $15 Adults
> $10 children 12 and under
> Free for children 2 and under
> *$3 discount for seniors available at box office only
> **More information on the price of the
> symposium will soon be available.
> Schools and Group Sales (?ONLY?):
> Call toll-free 1-888-229-1393
> That's all I know.
>                <pb>

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