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Fossil Bird Stuff

Jeff martz wrote:
>   It seems to me like the presence of a rachis is the only possible
>impediment to feathers having originally served as insulation before being
>adapted for flight. 
        In response to the apparent lack of enthusiasm for going back
through the archives to find my earlier posting which debunks this little
line of reasoning, I have placed that posting on my web page at the
following URL.  I urge everyone to read it before going on with this topic.

My posting on the avain digit homology problem may be found at:

       I would like to point anyone interested in fossil bird work to the
article co-written by Feduccia:
        Hou, L., Martin, L.D., Zhou, Z, and Feduccia, A. 1996. Early Adaptive
Radiation of Birds: Evidence from Fossils form Northeastern China. Science
174: 1164-1167
        Amongst other things, the outgrouping of the character matrix used
for their phylogenetic hypothesis, and therefore character polarity therein,
seems to be potentially inadequate.  I am composing a preliminary analysis
of potential flaws in the outgrouping, and it should be available at the
following URL:

        These documents will be posted later today.


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