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online dino classes?

In the March 97 issue of ANALOG (don't you just love these magazines 
that are published before their cover dates?) Dr. Paul Levinson has an 
article about the workings of online courses for credit.  Does anyone 
know of something like this for dinosaurs, evolution, paleoecology?  If 
not, perhaps someone might consider designing one.  There seem to be 
plenty of people on this list that seem capable of such a feat and it 
would certainly be a fascinating course to take. (What do you mean you 
don't have time?  You get 4 hours of sleep a night don't you? completely 
wasted, use them more productively:) )

Joe Daniel

bemoaning the fact that there is not a decent, or even indecent, 
collection of dino fossils in my whole state, and I of course live in 
the dead center:(