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Re: Theropod Bias?

Wabandco@aol.com wrote:

> In your post you note that humans were " ... once prey ourselves... "; is
> this really so?<Snip>; I've never perceived
> ancients as the "gazelles" of some bygone era. 

actually some of the Australiopithicines (I think-was in a National Geo
many years back-I think-) were found in a cave that they believe had
been dragged up a tree by a leopard and 'stored' till the bones
di-articulated and fell into the cave.  The article had great pictures
of a leopard dragging somebody by their face since the skull had been
pierced by leopard teeth just as modern gazelles have their skulls
pierced as they are dragged into rees to be stored by leopards.

-Betty Cunningham