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abelisaurs (was Re: STATUS OF INDOSUCHUS' TEETH)

Peter Buchholz wrote:
>Recently, Indosuchus has been classified as an Abelisaur, but according to
        In a recent article in JVP, Forster et al. (Forster is *not* the
first author, btw) demonstrate that _Majungosaurus_ is very similar to
_Indosuchus_, and these similarities also support a close association with
the Abelisauridae.  They conclude that a sister group relationship between
M. and I. is probable.

>Greg Paul (1988), and apperently Sankar Chaterjee, it has D-Cross Sectioned
>premax teeth.  So, my question is, does it?
        Yes and no.  Forster et al., in the above paper, clearly state that,
although the teeth of _Majungosaurus_ (and by association _Indosuchus_) are
D-shaped, they are not like those of tyrannosaurs.

>If it does, I'm thinking that
>this might be proof that a big arctomet was living in India alongside a true
>Abelisaur and might have some implications with paleogeography.  So?.....
        The Gondwanna Dinosaurs volume has some stuff on Indian theropod
material, including a Paul-style reconstruction of _Indosuchus_ (I almost
thought it was _Carcharodontosaurus_ at first.  I felt really silly, but
maybe I wasn't...).
        In other news from the JVP paper, there is a partial skeleton of
"_Majungosaurus_" in Madagascar, gathering dust.  Note that this is not,
apparently, at all related to any other find of the Forster et al.
expedition, but was collected decades ago, and has yet to be described.  :(
        Kinda like the new Acrocanthosarus material... :(
On a similar topic, that same issue of JVP also has Novas' article entitled
Dinosaur Monophyly.  In it, Novas implies that several of the characters
used to unite Ceratosaurs (sensu Gauthier, et Rowe) are plesiomorphic.
Included in this is the trochanteric shelf.  One is forced to wonder, if
these characters are re-polarized, will the Neoceratosauria remain sister to
the Coelophysoidea, or will the abelisaurs and _Ceratosaurus_ strike out on
their own into the realm of the tetanurans?  This has been suggested
recently by more than one individual (see Spinar et al. The Great Dinosaurs).

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