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"Horned Dinosaurs " question

I've just prerused THE HORNED DINOSAURS by P. Dodson.  I enjoyed much of
it but had one question-since Dodson is a supporter of the sprawling
fore-leg gait, why didn't he use any references to that articulated
ceratopian fore-leg found a couple of years ago?  "Raymond"

(from the dinosaur list archives-Feb 95)
 >I was reading the most recent Lapidary Journal and I saw an article
>a new articulated Triceratops foreleg. "Raymond" The picture that
>accompanied the article showed it before it was taken from the ground. Apart
>from the article mostly talking about paleontologists disagreeing with each
>other about triceratops' stance, it did reveal that the leg was going to a
>private collector (probably in Europe), and that 2 casts will be made, one
>which will be displayed at the Black Hills Institute.

>Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)

-Betty Cunningham