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On 30 Jan 97 at 16:00, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 97-01-30 13:49:12 EST, znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu
> (Jonathan R. Wagner) writes:
> << If the character matrix supported
>  classifcation of mony as an arctomet (just for example), it would
>  *still* contain a similar number of unknowns (actually, probably
>  more), and a whole nother lot of reversals and other homoplasies.
>  >>
> Probably not >reversals<, but I haven't finished my own analysis
> yet.

Could you please all watch your subjects? Especially in this case, 
because I let my mailer put messages from the list containing 
"Dinosaur Genera List corrections" in the subject in a separate 
folder. If someone replies to such a message without changing the 
subject all the replies wind up in that folder (were I don't want 
them ;-)).

Also, a subject that is consistent with the real subject of the 
message helps to find messages you're really interested in if you 
don't have the time to read everything on the list of course.


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