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Re: Cladistics

I wrote...
> >      Unfortunatley, I don't have a better reference.  My Evolution
> > textbook has a nice chapter that gives decent explanations of phenetics,
> > cladistics, and evolutionary taxonomies, but I don't have the reference
> > handy.

Joe Daniel wrote...
> -How about Mark Ridley's Evolution text?  It doesn't go into the 
> -morphies but does a decent job of explaining monophyly, paraphyly, and 
> polyphyly.  However, I haven't read it too closely.  Does anyone have 
> any thoughts as to the quality of this text?

     THAT'S it!!  Thats the one I have.  Yes, I think it has an very good
explanation of phenetics, cladistics, and evolutionary taxonomy, in
addition to being an excellent evolution textbook in general.

LN Jeff   
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