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Re: Nanotyrannus

At 03:28 PM 2/1/97 -0600, Joe Daniel wrote:
>Both Tim Williams and Dr. Holtz mentioned in posts that there is some 
>thought that Nanotyrannus may be a juvenile.  I was under the impression 
>that Bakker had done a CAT scan or some such on a nanotryannus skull and 
>showed good evidence that it was an adult.  I am assuming from your 
>posts that this view has come under fire recently.  Why and has there 
>been anything published that I might be able to get ahold of?

Thomas Carr presented a paper on this topic at the 1996 Society of
Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in NYC.  I do not know where/when he will
get around to a print version of this paper.

Bakker's CAT scans have not been published, but hopefully Carr's presention
may encourage final publication.

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