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Re: the issue of _Nanotyrannus_ as a juvenile _Tyrannosaurus_, Tom Holtz
informed all that..

> Thomas Carr presented a paper on this topic at the 1996 Society of
> Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in NYC.  I do not know where/when he will
> get around to a print version of this paper.

Not mentioned thus far on this list is that Carr, in his _JVP_ 16 abstract
(sorry, don't have the page no. on me), also suggested that Ken Carpenter's
_Maleevosaurus_ could be a juvenile of one of the better known 'big boys' too.

> Bakker's CAT scans have not been published

Note that many of us will recall seeing them on various TV documentaries. In
fact, the 3-d computer animated tyrannosaur skull that Ruben et al. keep using
is one of Bakker's _Nanotyrannus_ shots isn't it? 

And while on the subject of tyrannosaurs, Tim Williams (if memory serves)
recently referred to the infamous 'stretch-snout daspletosaur' as
'Chicagotyrannus'. What gives Tim? This is a new one on me (as if
'Clevelanotyrannus' wasn't bad enough..).

"Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them"