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Hominids as prey

On 2 Feb 97 16:59:00 EST, you wrote:

>Rich Travsky wrote:
>> On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, Jonathon Woolf wrote:
>> >  I also don't see why a cheetah, whose normal prey is small, fast
>> > gazelles of various sorts, would be attacking a hominid.
>> Well, that would've made us an easy meal! Can't imagine a big cat
>> that up (I know my house cats don't!).
>One answer to why they would have passed us up is that most predators
>seem to be somewhat hardwired for particular prey items.  They will
>often pass up food that is easier to get simply because it isn't on
>their menu.  This changes as they get older and begin to lose the
>ability to catch their regular prey or when their normal prey is scarce.
>Then they will begin to experiment on other animals, like us.  This may
>be what happened to the unlucky austras.

However, once large predators discover how easy it is to knock off one
of us higher hominids, they seem to make a habit of it (we must be
mighty tasty).

p.s. I'm still bothered that special mention of my favorite dinosaur
being Earl Sinclair (my least favorite being Barney) wasn't made on
Jeff's list (or weren't we supposed to be that specific?).