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Dodson on Ceratopsian sprawl

I believe it was Betty Cunningham who wrote:

> I've just prerused THE HORNED DINOSAURS by P. Dodson.  I enjoyed much of
> it but had one question-since Dodson is a supporter of the sprawling
> fore-leg gait, why didn't he use any references to that articulated
> ceratopian fore-leg found a couple of years ago?  "Raymond"

I asked Peter about it.  He said the main reason was that he didn't
hear of Raymond until April of '96 at which time the book was already
in the publisher's hands.  He also said that he didn't agree with the
interpretation of the forelimb structure provided by the authors of
the paper in the Dino Fest volume arising from the meeting in Tempe
last year (which is where Peter learned of Raymond).  I don't have
specific criticisms, but apparently Peter did give them to the authors
of that paper, so you can expect to at least hear of them eventually.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)