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RE: new aspect of extinction

OK-(sheesh) I have gone back and re-read the post twice now to be sure.   
 I DID mis-read it

 I see what you mean-I believe he means Photo-sensitive to mean light   
pattern that can be affected by weather.  I don't think this is how the   
photoreceptor of the pineal gland works, rather it works like a timer of   
how long it's exposed to daylight-which wouldn't change unless we had an   
eclipse or something.  Normal light-shifts due to cloud pattern don't   
affect it-or so I believe.

 But the rest of the reasoning is pretty close, darn it.......


>     Isn't that bass ackward?  His idea was that light SENSITIVE
>organisms were badly affected.  You seem to be suggesting the exact
>opposite, that animals with light sensitive pineal glands actually had   

>an edge.

>> I may have mis-read his since it seemed to cover the area I had oh so   

>>long ago.