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In response to Darren Naish...
> Not mentioned thus far on this list is that Carr, in his _JVP_ 16 abstract
> (sorry, don't have the page no. on me), also suggested that Ken Carpenter's
> _Maleevosaurus_ could be a juvenile of one of the better known 'big boys' too.

And there's a rumour afoot that _Shanshanosaurus_ could also be a 
young tarbosaur.  (Dr Tom Holtz, I heard it came from you...!)
> And while on the subject of tyrannosaurs, Tim Williams (if memory serves)
> recently referred to the infamous 'stretch-snout daspletosaur' as
> 'Chicagotyrannus'. What gives Tim? This is a new one on me (as if
> 'Clevelanotyrannus' wasn't bad enough..).

Yes, it was me.  The "stretch-snout daspletosaur" has been around for 
a while (I think I picked it up from the Ultimate T rex).  I heard 
about "Chicagotyrannus" from someone one this list (very hush-hush 
at the time).  Apparently it's Bob Bakker's pet name for the new 
tyrannosaurid whose skull is on display in the Chicago Field Museum 
(labelled as _Albertosaurus libratus_.)  Dinogeorge tells me they're 
both one and the same.

Oh, come on Darren!  Chicagotyrannus isn't THAT bad!!  Say it over 
and over again to yourself and I'm sure you'll grow to love it...

Tim Williams

> "Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them"