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Re: Hominids as prey

glh@TSO.Cin.IX.Net wrote:
> <snip>
> However, once large predators discover how easy it is to knock off one
> of us higher hominids, they seem to make a habit of it (we must be
> mighty tasty).

Some predators, such as lions and tigers, don't seem to bother with
humans as prey unless they're too ill or aged to catch their regular
prey.  At which point, yes, they discover humans are pitifully easy
prey.  Lot of meat for little energy expended, an ideal situation for a
predator in subpar condition.  Other predatorss, like leopards, are very
general in their tastes and apparently will kill humans as readily as
they'll kill anything else that crosses their path and looks edible. I'm
not sure, but I think leopards kill more people in Africa than lions

In any case, cheetahs do seem to be hardcoded for certain prey, while
leopards are generalists.  So I can believe a hominid-killing leopard
much more readily than I can believe a hominid-killing cheetah.

-- JSW