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Re: new aspect of extinction


I just got on the list, and I am already impressed with the lively
interaction I have seen so far.  I hope that everyone reading about this
extinction idea doesn't get too hung up on the "asteroid near miss"
scenario.  Frankly, I don't really care what caused the disruption in
the seasonal light cycles, I care more about the results.  When I first
started talking out this hypothesis, everyone had to have a reason why
this sudden change in photoperiod would have happened.  The answer is I
don't know! But I do know that the bilogical evidence strongly supports
a photoperiodic-related extinction theory more strongly than any other,
in my opinion.  Temperature, dust, drought, famine, and any other
"biblical-type plague" just doesn't explain the selectivity we see from
the Cretaceous extinction at all.

  Dave Pelley

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