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bulldog tyrranosaurs

A few days ago Tom Holtz  made a comment about the "short snouted 
bulldogedness" of Albertosaurus sarcophagus. I found this intriguing 
because the skull I had been assuming represented the species (the skull 
called "A. arctunguis" by Greg Paul in PDOTW) certainly does not fit this 
description. I sent a post containing a mass of queries about this skull 
that never made it to the list (though it did go to Tom - Thankyou for 
your reply). Nevertheless I still have a few queries. 1. Where can you 
find a good illustration of true A. sarcophagus? 2. Does the rather short 
maxilla from the Tornillo Formation of Texas belong to A. sarcophagus (or 
does it at least have the same degree of short snoutedness)? I once made 
an illustration of a T rex skull (based on the AMNH specimen) but 
substituted in the shape of the Tornillo maxilla, the result was a 
grotesque bulldog like face indeed! 

Adam Yates