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Re: Why insulation = endothermy

> Indeed, one should probably *expect* such a stage in the transition
> from the reptilian physiology to the modern avian one.  I do not see
> how the modern avian body temperatures could be maintained *without*
> insulation.  This means that insulation had to evolve prior to acquiring
> the full modern metabolism.

     This is an interesting chicken and egg problem indeed: insulation
intereferes with ectothermic thermoregulation but an endotherm
needs it to keep all that metabolically produced heat.  Is there any
evidence that correlates metabolic heat production with DEGREE of
     Is the Paleocanimimus paper published yet?  When is the 
Sinosauropteryx paper due out in Nature?  
      Also, can anyone tell me if the 17 and 24 foot wingspans for
the L.A. and South American species of Tertiornis (sp?) are based on the
length of the articulated arm bones, or an estimate that takes the
primaries into account?

LN Jeff