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Re: bulldog tyrranosaurs

Adam Yates wrote:

>A few days ago Tom Holtz  made a comment about the "short snouted 
>bulldogedness" of Albertosaurus sarcophagus. I found this intriguing 
>because the skull I had been assuming represented the species (the skull 
>called "A. arctunguis" by Greg Paul in PDOTW) certainly does not fit 
>this description. 

If I remember correctly, the type specimen of _A. arctunguis_ is 
headless.  The holotype for _A. sarcophagus_ is a crushed skull.  The 
two specimens also come from different formations.

_A. arctunguis_ is usually regarded as a slender morph of _A. 
sarcophagus_.  Future research may show it to be a different species 

Tim Williams