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Re: Getting of this mailing list.

My apologies to almost everyone, but in the interest of avoiding a
flurry of "me too" messages, the following is the form letter I
typically send to individuals who want to know how to unsubscribe from
the dinosaur list.  If you didn't follow the instructions that told
you to save the welcome message where you'd be able to find it, please
save *this* message.  Thanks. -- MR

Forgive me if you've already figured this out on your own, but it's not
that easy for me to check such things any more.

To unsubscribe from the dinosaur mailing list, please send *only* the
following line:

unsubscribe dinosaur

in the body (i.e. NOT the subject line) of a message e-mailed to the
administrative address for the list:


If you have tried this and still have a problem, feel free to write to
me and I'll investigate (and hopefully solve) the problem for you.
Before contacting me, though, please make sure that you have accurately
spelled all relevant words.  You'd be amazed how many different ways
people think that "unsubscribe" and "dinosaur" ought to be spelled!

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)