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here's a thought

Hello all!

  Here's an idea I'd like to bounce off everyone. There's been so much debate
re: dinosaur/bird relationships,has it occured to anyone that we might not be
looking in the right places for the so-called "common ancestor"?
   My feeling (and I have some research to back it up) is that (if) birds are
not directly relate to dinosaurs and simply a case of convergent
evolution,why don't we go further back in the fossil record?
    A good place to start might be in the late Carboniferous or early
Permian. Further,the actual "split" (if that's what happened at all) may have
fallen somewhere between the captorhinomorphs and the pelycosaurs...like of a
stab in the dark,but I feel that's where we should be looking for answers.We
might find that's where some of the phenotypic characteristics of dinosaurs
and birds may have arisen.Ideas?