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>Lee concludes that platynotans are monophyletic and presents 40 synapomorphies
>corroborating a mosasauroid-snake clade called the Pythonomorpha - a name
>by Cope in 1869. Pythonomorphs are the sister-group to an unnamed clade
>of the varanids, _Cherminotus_ and _Lanthanotus_, and together they are the
>Thecoglossa. _Telmasaurus_ is the sister-taxon to the Thecoglossa. Of the many
>other items of interest, Lee disbands the necrosaurids as polyphyletic.

John Scanlon (University of New South Wales) will be awarded his PhD this
year for his work on Australian fossil snakes and his phylogenetic analysis
turned up similar results to Lee's. From memory, John used soemthing like
250 characters but this data set focused more on the ingroup relationshipes
of snakes. Both Lee and Scanlon are now working together to strengthen this

>(much like all that turtle phylogeny work.. err,
>this _is_ the same Lee isn't it?)

Sure is.

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd